Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Clicksor Adsense Alternative for Website

If you are from India, then this is big challenge for you to approve an adsense account.Don't worry about it, there are huge numbers of websites, which are used to place of Adsense. Clicksor is the mostly used by user to place an advertisements on their website. You don't need to follow any rule for Clicksor.Clicksor is simple and effective method to use ads for your website.

Why we must use clicksor?
There are some Reason to use clicksor.

1. You have to approved Adsense by sending request

2. Your website must at least 6 month old.

3. If you have hosted account, then you can place ads on hosted websites or blog.
1. You don't need any approve from company.

2. apply clicksor ads on new website

3. use ads on any website or blog, which can be hosted or non- hosted

Steps to create clicksor Account:-
  1. Type http://www.clicksor.com/ URL in your browser and open website
  2. Click on the sign Up button
  3. Sign up form will be show
  4. Type Your E-mail ID in E-mail text box
  5. Then type confirm E-mail ID in Confirm text box
  6. Type your Full Name, which will be used for Payment Name
  7. Choose password and Confirm password (both password must same)
  8. Type your website URL
  9. Enter your Phone number and country information 
  10. Complete word verification and click on Submit button.
  11. verify your account and  You will get ID and password.
  12. You are ready to use place advertisement on your website.

How to Place ads on website?

Steps to Apply clicksor advertisements on own website:-
  1. First you must open your clicksor account
  2. Click on the Add new site link
  3. Enter website title in textbox 
  4. Enter your website's URL and Site description
  5. Choose website for adult category or not
  6. If you want to display adult content on your website, then choose yes otherwise select no option
  7. Choose your language
  8. press add button
  9. you will get a code
  10. open your webpage where you want to show ads
  11. paste code in your website and this will show ads on your website
 Clicksor offer many features:-
  1. Clicksor offers payout on weekly bases
  2. You can get payment via Check or paypal
  3. Minimum payout can be $50
  4. Solve your queries through phone or live chat
  5. 10+ ad format are available for user
  6. referral program with 10% commission