Monday, 8 June 2015

Create Complete Website with Godaddy at Rs.111/-

Godaddy is the most popular website for hosting and domain registration, but if you want to create a website with godaddy, you have to pay at least Rs. 700/- to Rs. 5000/-, its depend on which feature you are choosing. But here we are discussing about the trick and you may use this trick to create complete website (including domain registration and hosting) at just Rs. 111/-. In this trick register your domain with godaddy and choose hosting plan from other hosting website. Here are the simple steps, follow these steps and enjoy your cheapest and low cost website with web builder.
  1. Open godaddy website and choose plan (.com) at Rs. 99/-. 
  2. Type your domain name and check for availability of your domain.
  3. Remember don't select .in, .net, .org, with your domain, If you select additional domain, you will have to pay extra amount.
  4. Don't choose web builder, hosting plan and other security system for your website, this may also cause of extra payment.
  5. Choose one year for domain registration.
  6. Don't pay with your old godaddy account, create new account otherwise you will have to pay approx Rs. 720/-.
  7. After creating new account pay for your domain, the amount will be Rs. 99/-(domain charge)+Rs. 12/-(service charge)=Rs. 111/-.
This is your domain registration process and now we are discussing about free hosting and web builder for our website. There are many website, which provide free hosting services, but personally my favorite website is If you choose free hosting from this website, you will get 200 MB space, 100 GB traffic, Site builder, PHP and MYSQL. Steps to get free hosting:-
  1. Open and click on order button.
  2. Fill out registration form and create account.
  3. verify your e-mail ID and select free hosting.
  4. select domain type and type your registered domain.
  5.  Choose a Server Region UK.
  6. Type domain password and click on continue.
  7. your hosting plan is ready to use.
Now its time to redirect your domain to hosted server. Find server name from hostinger and type in your godaddy registered domain. Type A domain IP in registered domain, its done. Your domain will redirect to hosted site. Design your website using web builder. Now your website is ready to use for visiting. Enjoy your free website.

Hostinger's web builder provide high graphics template, this may cause of slow response of your website. Use your own light template for fast response of your website. Other big problem with hostinger is you must choose only UK server for free hosting, if you choose other regions you will have to pay some amount. If your website is more than 2 GB, you can't upload your file more than 2 GB, so avoid high graphics and videos. MySql provide 2 database for your website, if you are planing for create more than 2, then sorry you can't.

Note: Free things are limited but not as paid, If you are planing for sale these type of website, don't do it. This is only for those websites, who has less traffic and use less space. Basically this can be used only by learners and want to create website with Top level domain. This is the part of web designing and domain and hosting registration. For complete web designing visit other article.