Saturday, 23 May 2015

Mozilla Robots with Imacros for Earn Money with Likesasap

Let me explain what is IMacros in Mozilla.Macro is recorded instructions, which can be used  for repeated task. Repeated task are so boring and the macro is solution. Task can be recorded by macro and then play for those works which are repeated. Every software has its own macro system, but every macro system has same functionality or working system. Questions is how can earn in likesasap with macros.

About Likesasap:- This website is social likes exchanger website, means when you like or comment for others users, you will get points and points can be used for buy likes for your posts or also convert points into cash. Additionally user can earn with these websites like: Youtube (likes, subscription, comment, unlike), Google+, Tweeter(tweet, follow), Instagram (follow, likes), Website hits etc. Likesasap support paypal or payza for cash out. Just do the simple step for convert points to cash and transfer to your bank account.   To Know more about Likesasap.

About Imacros:-  This is Add-on tool for Mozilla Firefox web browser. Imacro designed to perform repetitious task on web. If you want to do a work, which is repeatedly, just record it and play. Next time just play your recording and all recorded works will do automatically. To download this useful tool click here. Imcaro may be used for these tasks: Filling out forms, Password remember, Automated download and upload files, web testing etc.

 How can use Imacro for Likesasap:- You have to download Imacro Add-on for your Mozilla browser and install it. Open Imacro pan to record macro. Click on record tab and start recording. Start your work and your work will automatically recorded in macro. After completing work click on stop button. Now you are ready to apply script for automatic task.

Extra Features of Imacros:-
  1. Play script anytime, Use pause button to pause script and stop to terminate the script.
  2. Use Loop for script, set current and max value for loop.
  3. Record script or task for future use, save as the macro.
  4. Take Screenshot or delete cache & Cookies.
  5. Mange macros with edit macro.
  6. set speed fast, medium or low.
  7. set interval time to execute command. 
  8. Just right click on any macro and add bookmark to instant use, After adding in bookmark list, you have to open bookmark list and click on related script, your task will begin. 
  9. Imacro provides feature for edit script, anytime you will be able to change or modify your task.
  10. For better reference add similar name according to your task, that may indicate what is about your script and what kind of work will be perform.
  11. iMacros is extremely versatile and can be combined with other extensions such as Greasemonkey, Web Developer, Firebug, Stylish, Download Statusbar, NoScript, PDF Download, Foxmarks, Fasterfox, All-in-One Sidebar, Megaupload, Foxyproxy, Flashblock and Adblock.
  12. iMacros for Firefox is free for personal and commercial use. Download the add-on today to start simplifying your Web tasks and sharing your macros with others!
  13. Whatever you do with Firefox, iMacros can automate it.