Friday, 20 February 2015

What is SEO and Search Engine Optimization

SEO and Search Engine Optimization

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. SEO is Internet marketing tool, where we can rank our website or blog. It is just like traditional marketing. In the term of Traditional marketing a company air it's advertisement on TV, Publish ads in Newspaper, Magazines, Books etc. Like this we can viral our website's Url to other Website and get more traffic.

Today, mostly searches are based on keyword search. In keyword search a user type a keyword in Search engine and get relevant result from search engine. For Example :

SEO or backlink example

In this figure you can see, we type a keyword "Songs download" . there are about 4.6 millions of website regarding this keyword, but on the top of list. this is just because of SEO.

In this Blog you can submit comment as backlink for free

What is Back link ?
now we learn that what is backlink, backlink is a url of your website, which you submit on other website and this url is very helpful to index your pages on search engine, mostly we can comment on other site and get a backlink.

There are 2 types of Search Engine Optimization:-
  1. On-Site and On-Page Optimization.
  2. Off-Site and Off-Page Optimization.

On-Site and On-Page Optimization:-
On site optimization is referred as work directly from your website. you can find more about this from link On-Site and On-Page Optimization.

Off-Site and Off-Page Optimization:-
On site optimization is referred as work directly from other websites, where you can leave your link and anyone can visit your site and also crawl from search Engine. you can find more about this from link Off-Site and Off-Page Optimization.



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