Monday, 20 April 2015

Article Writing or Article Submission

What is Article?
Article is a complete Information and Description about specific topic. one can deliver his/her information Via Article.

Types of Articles.
One of the most traditional type of Article, which we can read and write in Books, Magazines and Newspapers. other is online Article, which we can found on different types of Websites and blogs.

Online Article Writing and Submission:-
One of the most method of Article writing is, we can create our  website and blog related interested topic and submit for readers. If you don't have any website and blog than you can also find a website according to your interest and submit a article. many websites, which is provide us article submission for free of cost, but some of website have little bit charges for this. There are many website which will be pay you for your article. So, if you are planning for article writing, you have a opportunity to Earn money online. This is the best way to Earn money with your writing skills and also you will be famous among the people.

Submit an Article for backlink:-
If you are submit an article in other website, you can also create back links for your website and make your website visible and crawl in search Engine. some of the websites which allow you to submit an create one to three backlink, if you will submit more then three, your article will be not published on those website. so carefully when you are submit an article and keep in mind some rules for article writing.

Rule for Article Submission:-      
  1. Your article should be divided in paragraphs, and every and each paragraph contains a specific information.
  2. Your article contains at least 500 words.
  3. Keep it simple and Informative and don't use hard to understand language and words.
  4. Image using is best to describe more words and using an Image and picture you can avoid boring words.
  5. you can also use video for your topic to describe it.
  6. use the FAQ for your topic.
  7. use the bold, italic and underline tags for important words.
  8. Use headings and subheading.
List of Website that pay you for Article Writing:-