Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Back Link with Comment Posting

Comment posting is the other great and cool method to crawl your website in Search Engine. According to marketing strategies, we have to spread our product's name and brand name. Like this, in the internet marketing we can visible and rank our website using spread our domain name with other websites and get backlink. Comment is the one of main method for leave our URL to other URL, because comment area is the only area where we can write anything which will be published on the website.

Method of Comment Posting with URL:- 
If you are planing to create back link for your website, comment box plays important role for this, using this method you can write your opinion for other post and also add your URL with a suitable anchor text, which will be crawl in search engine.For Example.

Back Link with Comment Posting free backlink
According to this image you can write your comment in Comment box with your URL and Publish it. You can use comment as for different accounts. Here is the example with Comment and URL.

Back Link with Comment Posting backlink
Here is the example with your URL and anchor text. in the red box you can type your URL and shown in the green box you may also type your anchor text which will be ranked and searched in search engine.

Where you can comment?
Most websites and blogs provides you facility of feedback. This feedback and comment box is the way to publish your url in other websites. So keep post comment with your link and get free baclink

Types of comment posting websites:-
  1. Approval and moderation Comment:- When you type a comment on other website, sometime it will be moderate by author for  security reasons, because of one can't leave negative, vulgar language about post, and this negative response may decrease website's traffic and popularity. One of the main drawback of these type of websites and blog, that your comment may publish or not.
  2. Without moderation:- This type of website allow you to create comment without author's permissions. In this type of website your comment will be published instantly and your URL can crawl in few days.So this is the safe and important for fast ranking.
  3. Do follow and No follow:- Do follow website is crawl by search engine and No follow link is only used to visit your website from other website. So keep post comment in Do-Follow websites to get more benefits. 
Rules for post a Comment:-
While you are post a comment, keep in mind some rules.
  1. Don't post more than 2 URLs in any Comment, this may cause of rejection of comment mostly in moderation websites.
  2. You can create more than one comment in different post of a website, but avoid in moderation websites.
  3. If you will create more and more comment in a single website, you may get banned by author and span filter. This means you will not post your comment in banned website for future.
  4. Personally, I use more than one ID's to create comment in same website.  


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