Friday, 24 April 2015

Earn From Websites and Internet

Today, Internet is one of the most growing  industry. Every person, every day use internet for different purposes. Internet is now using for E-commerce. Thousands of persons buy and sell many products using internet, so millions of users visit millions of websites and these websites are source of advertisement. Many companies are use web advertisement to promote their products and company. we can use this strategy to earn money from internet.

How can I Earn from Internet?     

First requirement is Website.There are lots of products or companies, who want to advertise their product on a highly traffic website. when you will sign up with an advertisement company, then you will eligible for place other company's ads on your website. when visitors, visit your website and click on any advertisement, then advertise company pay you according to ads worth. This is the matter of your website traffic.

How can I create my own website?
Follow these steps to create your own website:-
  1. First you have to purchase a domain and hosting from the hosting websites.
  2. Create your website using web builder, PHP, HTML, CSS and other tools.
  3. Publish your website on Internet.
Rules for creating a website:-
  • Use domain name according to your content.
  • use relevant content to your website.
  • don't use copy paste method from other websites, use unique content only.
  • Choose interesting topic according to trends.
  • Update your content or website regularly basis.  

How Can I Earn from Google adsense?
This is the most difficult task to approve an adsense account. To create an adsense account you have to create a website with good traffic. second step is your domain, content should have unique and useful for others, because the visit your site. If you are from India, you have to more do more work for your website. Once your account is approve, you can place an ads on your website and earn money according to your website traffic. For how to create and approve adsense account?.