Thursday, 30 April 2015

How to Create a Website

What is a website ?
It's time to digital. If anybody want to go with digital, you have a website. Website is a best way to approach or targeting worldwide traffic. You can get business from over the world. Website is a collection of pages related to a topic, single page contain different  information from other page of a website.

Steps to create website:- 

Step 1: First step is to create website is purchase a domain and hosting, now question is what is domain and hosting.
Domain: Domain is a unique address of a website, which is used to open your pages stored on sever. Domain name looks like HTTP means Hyper text transfer protocol, protocol is a rule used to communicate with one computer to another. www is used to world wide web. yourdomain is your website name and .(dot)com is domain code, domain code is according to your website's nature like .com is used to commercial website and .net is used to network websites.

     Domain code                     Identifiers
  1. .Com          =                 Commercial business
  2. .edu            =                 Educational websites
  3. .gov            =                 Govt. related websites
  4. .net             =                 Internet service providers
  5. .mil             =                 Military sites
  6. .org            =                 Organizational websites.
Hosting: If you have a domain, you need a space on the existing server, this space called hosting. Hosting is space where you can upload your website's pages and when any user type your website's URL in their browser, then he will redirect to your pages stored on sever.

Step 2: Second step of creating a website is Web designing language. Web designing language is design for creating pages of your website. There many languages which you can use and create pages.
HTML:Hyper text markup language. This is the basic and base language to create webpages. tags are used to apply different functions in HTML. 
CCS:CSS means cascading style sheet, CSS is supporting language to apply styles on different  tags used in HTML.
Java Script: This is based on JAVA language and it is used to add programming method in HTML page. Java script is a client side scripting language.
PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is used to server side scripting. PHP has one more great feature is Database. web designer can use MYSQL database with PHP and create a dynamic website.
But there are hundreds of web designing software are used to create website. many  hosting servers provide online web builder, which are used to create beautiful website. 

Step 3: Third step is publish your pages on your hosted server. If you are using online web builder, then you don't need to publish any single file on server. Just select template and edit text, image and other elements on the template. Click on the publish button to publish your changes. If you are using offline mode to create web pages, then you have to upload your pages on server. To upload pages, you need a ftp(file transfer protocol) software like cuteftp, filezilla etc.Remember upload your pages in the Public_html folder and your home page or first page name must "index", like index.html or index.html.

Step 4: Now your website is ready to use for visitors. To check your website's link and graphics just type your website's URL in web browser.

Note: Don't use heavy graphics in your website, this may cause of longer time to open page in your browser.